The Raw Denim Bar is a group of self-proclaimed denim junkies, hoping to bring the denim culture of San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles to the UK. Each season, The Raw Denim Bar scours the latest denim lines to find the 10 hottest brands and 100 best styles. The founder owns at least one pair of jeans from every brand on this site and in total has 61 pairs of jeans from the latest styles from the brands we sell, to catwalk denim to 10-year-old Levis.

Each line is special for different reasons and we have followed the development of these brands from inception to saturation in fashion circles. Denim is a true art form; a good pair of jeans can be worn for all situations from a Saturday afternoon in the park to a Michelin starred Parisian restaurant.

We want to work with you, every customer to find the right designers, the best cut and wash for your needs. Sometimes it might just be a great staple pair of jeans to be worn for casual wear; other times, it might be a really great pair of jeans for a hot date or night with the girls.

Just a bit on some of this seasons chosen standouts!

WorkCustom Jeans
WorkCustom uses only the finest fabrics from Europe and Japan, which are selected each season including tireless

effort that goes into tailoring and re-engineering each fit until just the right balance and aesthetic is achieved. The result: a pair of jeans that effortlessly mold to your body perfectly as if they were custom made and only get better with each wash and wear.

Celebrities include Allessandro Ambrosio, Angelina Jolie, Hillary Duff, Katie Perry, Gwen Stefani, Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, and Vanessa Hudgens.

Resin Denim
Resin is a brand hailing from New York and is a founder of Paper Denim & Cloth, with the denim coming from a hugely respected Japanese Mill – Kurabo; it easy to see why this brand, only 1 year old is making a big impact.

Each season Resin brings on an emerging guest artist to collaborate on design of pocket linings and special edition pieces.

Resin is about washes, cuts and detail such as hidden message and artfully designed pocket linings. The hardware is hammered metal in burnished steel and the washes are totally unique to Resin.


The reason we started it all and the reason we started searching for other amazing Denim brands not yet in the UK. Kasil has always been a brand known for amazing consistent cuts and manufactured in the United States. What makes Kasil even more worth noting is

the amazing dyes they create each season. Their washes tend to be not only fashion forward and beautiful but work to accentuate the very best of the denim and the body. This year, Kasil collaborated with Taylor Jacobsen (of Rachel Zoe notoriety). Taylor and Kasil Creative Director David Lim got together and figured out their denim personalities were a match. They have created a line for this season that is quite amazing and all the denim washes and fits are outlined below. Jennifer Aniston is a fan, as is Courtney Cox, Maria Bello and Selma Hayek.

We HEART Kasil.

DL1961 is a celebrity darling being worn by nearly everyone including Blake Lively, Mena Suvari, Kelly Rutherford, Whitney Port, Rose McGowan, Whitney Port, Katherine Heigl, Selena Gomez. And it isnt hard to figure out why. Using xFit technology, a whopping 27% lycra the resulting 4 way stretch means a perfect fit every time. And for everyone the hard to fit can find a pair of jeans within DL1961s special range. With this amount of stretch you get a perfect fit that lasts no more saggy knees at lunch-time. No tugging up the belt loops! Great styles, easy fits and a beautiful range of washes extra details with zips, stitching and figure flattering waistbands.

Founded in 2001 and quickly became known as one of the leaders in the premium denim market. Their signature Maltese cross is easily recognizable.

Habitual fuses luxury, premium detail with functionality. Starting with finest fabrics from around the world, each of the special crafted styles receive hand finishing where the underlying beauty of the denim is found. The jean might be triple washed for softness and wear or hand sanded to give it the perfect level of distressing; what ever the finish, cut and wash; we know your Habitual jeans will become that… a habit.

Charley 5.0
Charley 5.0 was started by three fabulous women, known as The Angels: Susan DiMeo, Marcy Feldman and Yalenis Cepeda. These three amazing women came together during a time when they

felt innovation in denim was dead (they were right!) and the market was saturated with the basic denim styles. They knew that what was needed was a fashion forward influence on this market, revamps of classic styles while adding fashion forward elements. Not only are they fashion forward, innovative thinkers but they are kind and enthusiastic and absolutely understand the market.

With every piece of Charley clothing, you will get a garment that is always styled and finished perfectly and will give you an outstanding fit. Charley 5.0 wants to keep these items special and make sure that every girl feels special when they wear their Charley pieces. Its how you wear the clothing that matters most – wear it with your own personal edge, attitude and love!

Sundry Tees
Sundry, a Los Angeles tee brand has just arrived in London at The Raw Denim Bar. Inspired by typical California scenes – such as the Locals Only message tiny surf towns convey or sunsets on the Pacific; it is quickly becoming the t-shirt equivalent of the Lanvin flat or the leather legging. At once a luxe, much loved item and an absolute necessity.

As if the softness and love of design wasnt enough, each tee is stamped on the inside with a simple invitation: Lets find a beautiful place and get lost.