G-Star Denim Clothing

G Star is a Dutch designer clothing line. Established by Jos Van Tilburg in 1989, G Star has been transforming the urban clothing industry with its trademark slogan of Just the Product’. The brand is known for pioneering designs in special pockets constructions and military apparels. In 1996, G Star produced it greatest product- the raw denim. Direct from the factory. Unwashed and Untreated - except for a heat process that makes sure there is no shrinkage and customers can buy the exact size they need.

 The product catapulted the brand to the international stage, fulfilling the need of every denim purist. It became one of the most sought after denim in the world with its unique characteristics, thanks to the embracing of architectural and 3-D thinking into denim construction. Unlike traditional patternmaking, G Star approaches the garment not as a flat object but as three dimensional denim and sculpts the jeans around the wearer through inserted panels and darts. G Star denim has brought high level craftsmanship to the street level.

G-Star present a range of patterns available in raw denim in jeans as a way to personalize the garment, these include:

• Combs or honeycombs – Fading lines that can be found behind the knees.

• Whiskers – Fading streaks that are surrounding the crotch area of the jeans.

• Stacks – These are all created by having inseam of the jeans edged a few inches so that a faded area around the ankle is extending up to the calf area. The extra fabric then lies on top of the footwear.

• Train tracks – Lines on the outseams of the denim. They resemble train tracks by forming two parallel lines of fades.

Unlike to most brands that monetize on their name or the designer label solely, G Star offer high-quality raw denim that can lasts forever with proper care/treatment.