Here is some helpful information from The Science of Sexy by Bradley Bayou

Here is some helpful information from The Science of Sexy by Bradley Bayou

Your Body Type

Here is some helpful information from "The Science of Sexy" by Bradley Bayou,
to help classify your body type and recommend which of our designer jeans
best fits your body.

HOURGLASS ~ Someone with an hourglass figure is evenly proportioned. Your shoulders and hips are the same width apart, while your waist is small and defined.

Recommendations: To keep an even balance between shoulders and hips, you should accentuate your bottom half, as well as the top. Wearing a low-rise jean will bring attention to your bottom half, while a vee neck sweater or tee, draws the eye to your top curves as well.

INVERTED TRIANGLE ~ If you have broad shoulders and narrower hips, you would fit into the category of an inverted triangle.

Recommendations: As a rule, you should try wearing darker colours on top to tone down wider shoulders, while adding volume to your lower half with lighter colours. Low-rise jeans with a wider waistband will add volume to your hips and a straight leg jean will help balance your lower half.

TRIANGLE ~ The opposite of the inverted triangle is, of course, the triangle. You generally have fuller hips, narrow shoulders and a defined waist.

Recommendations:Boot-cut jeans will make the hips appear smaller, while a wide, scoop-neck top will broaden the shoulders, creating a more balanced look. It will also add volume to your top half by wearing heavier textures on top.

RECTANGLE ~ If your shoulders are the same width apart as your hips and your waist is undefined, you fall into the rectangle category.

Recommendations: To create a curvier look, try playing up your shoulders and hips. Low-rise and skinny jeans will make hips look wider, as they gather at the ankles. It is also useful to use color blocking, such as wearing the same colour on the top and bottom, but breaking it up with a different colour belt to give the illusion of a waist.


SHORT-WAISTED ~ To combat the problem of looking too short-waisted, look for a low or mid-rise jean with a cropped jacket to create the illusion of a longer waist.

LARGER THIGHS ~ Not surprisingly, the best solution for minimizing a larger thigh is to opt for this season's popular wide leg jeans or trousers and preferably in a darker, more slimming wash.

SHORT LEGS / LONG WAISTED ~ To elongate a shorter leg, wear a wide or straight leg jean to streamline the leg. Paired with heels, a higher rise jean and a little jacket, it does wonders!

MUFFIN TOP ~ Finally, tis the season to get rid of the pesky muffin top! The new trends in fashion this fall are geared towards the high-waisted jean, which eliminates this problem altogether!