Top 5 Best Denim Jean Brands for Denim Maniac

Have you found your perfect denim jeans that perfectly unifies with your look? There are various of denim jeans out there and brands that call for your fashion preference. A perfect jean goes with a perfect brand. Here are the top 10 best brands of denim jeans?

1. Levi’s
They offer perfect denim jeans for all ages. Founded in the year 1853, it is currently well known as a veteran brand. They offer denim jeans of different variants like the skinny jeans, wide leg jeans, tapered, boot cut, straight cut and big fit.

2. Wrangler
This particular brand is owned by the VF Corporation. They had been famous for cowboy cut collection in America in the past years. They have extended their works with comfy and trendy jeans which made them the 2nd most well-known brand in the world of denim.

3. Diesel
Diesel had been known with their Innovative washes and treatments that are being used to create a variety range of denim jeans. Diesel started in the year 1978. Nowadays, the brand has evolved from jeans to broader fashion apparels like bags and t-shirts.

4. Lee
Lee is also owned by the VF Corporation which is founded in the year 1889. The famous 3- letter brand had been well known for its denim jeans. They have launched different variation and styles of their denim jeans on retailer stores making them 4th rank amongst the denim brands.

5. True Religion
An American clothing brand is focusing on premium jeans. No doubt that wearing one makes you look expensive. They had been known on the classic five-pocket denim jeans. The design becomes iconic that lead them to expand their business in the following years.

Go and check if you have one among the top denim jeans. Wear and walk with it.

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