Trendsetting jeans and built a fashion empire based on denim

Trendsetting jeans and built a fashion empire based on denim

In business, as in life, some prefer the high road and some prefer the low. Frankie B. owner and designer Daniella Clarke chose the latter with her low-rise, trendsetting jeans and built a fashion empire based on denim and the humble butt-crack. But, while backdoor cleavage may have been the beginning of Frankie B., it certainly won't be its end.Married to rock guitarist Gilby Clarke, and mother of daughter Frankie, the titular inspiration behind her Frankie B. logo, Daniella Clarke starting cutting the waistbands off of her jeans when she was still a teenager.Then, rock and roll style was confined mainly to rock musicians and high-school students: but the Trinity of 'sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll' has since been amended. Fashion is the world's new addiction, and in Frankie B. Clarke has created a lifestyle collection that brings rock and roll chic to the masses

Founded in 2001, Habitual has established itself as on of the top leaders in the premium denim market. It is best known for its impeccable fit, intricate wash processes and innovative design one that is both forward and fresh. Habitual is often referred to as a designer collection that just happens to be made from denim. Along with a loyal celebrity following, Habitual has reached ground-breaking heights in the denim world during its first six years, due in part to a successful market expansion encompassing both women's and men's lines, accessories, and the inclusion of maternity.

Habitual fuses refinement and luxury to the utilitarian legacy denim were founded on. It prides itself on the labor-intensive process involved in producing each pair. The denim is abraded and ground in a subtle way, employing special hand techniques and dye treatments. The jeans are triple washed and hand sanded, with each pocket sewn by hand and placed strategically to best complement the body. This is done to achieve an overall lived-in feel that will effortlessly become the wearers' next unbreakable habit.

L.A. clothing designer Seun Lim is the creator behind James Jeans. The slimming styles are due to the designer's focus on manipulating subtle details to present a streamlined, lean silhouette. The slash-corner pockets are Seun Lim's signature on every style, with the added bonus of strategic fading that lengthens the legs, lifts the buttocks, producing an all over slimmer, comfortable look.

French-born Caugant and Naouri are life-long friends who share a 20-year professional history that is steeped in vintage denim fashion. They share a personal history as well: growing up in the South of France, their emergence into denim retailing, and ambition to start their own brand. What unites them is a passion for antique Western and workwear designs, and perfectionism about their product. For them, the success of Antik Denim is nothing short of the American Dream. Each pair is individually decorated, chasing an era when things were made by hand. Exclusive Japanese and Italian fabrics are used for their quality and comfort.

Siwy is a label that was launched in the Spring of 2005 in downtown NYC. The concept behind the line is merging the traditional ideas of classic American denim with the styling of familiar shapes. With this idea in mind, we push slightly further to create a carefully crafted and sculpted silhouette. The combination of a tailored fit, expert construction and superb wash detail highlights the curves without denying what is underneath. Individual taste and style are satisfied through the array of fine washes and silhouettes developed at America's best wash and sewing facilities, where each pair is treated as a work of art. All hold a vintage aesthetic, whether it is a clean wash of colour or capturing the subtleties of authentically aged styles. Together, these elements combine to bring to life a fresh new style that can be appreciated by the most discerning collector.

Denim manufacturer Jeff Rudes teams up with Celebrity stylist Susie Crippen. The two set out to create a classic and sophisticated jean with the emphasis on fit while tending to one mandate; no excess hardware or embellishments. Paying attention to stitching details and clean dark finishes, together they have created a combination of sexiness and style in a women's jean while allowing the woman to feel comfortable. "It's about a women looking beautiful in her jeans, not the jean drawing attention to her" says Susie.

Founder, designer, and president with the responsibility of creative direction and vision for FIDELITY, Jason Trotzuk strategically takes his insights from concept to creation when designing FIDELITY. A denim lover at heart, Trotzuk combines his love for fashion, rock n' roll, and classic American blue jeans, and applies it toward his passion, denim design.

With his intimate knowledge of denim history and tradition, Trotzuk ingeniously references and revives the best of denim from the inside out straight waistbands, busted out seams, dual stitch colour, and aged hardware. The result? The look and feel of timeless vintage jeans, but with a highly crafted modern understanding of a woman's needs.

William Rast

Enlisting the assistance of industry pros, some of the biggest names in showbiz conceived and designed a line of clothing inspired by their hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. With a design team headed up by the best of the best, they have created a line which includes designer jeans, graphic T-Shirts, sweaters, outerwear, and more. "We said that if we could do it our way, in a way that's authentic, we'd do it," says Justin Timberlake.

They did just that. The result is more than a nice pair of jeans, and a fancy shirt. William Rast is a lifestyle brand that defines American fashion. It overlaps the gap between casual comfort and cosmopolitan cool.

People's Liberation

The revolution is here.
So, what will you be wearing?

It's People's Liberation. And it's like nothing you've ever worn before. Fresh designs, crafted with exquisite attention to detail and exceptional fabrics specially milled in the U.S., Japan and Italy. Denim and knits that feel as comfortable as your own skin, as intimate as a lover's touch. You wear it when you're ready to seduce, strut your stuff, start a revolution. Or simply just be yourself.

Each pair of People's Liberation jeans fits as though made for your body, and your body alone. Try them on, and you may never want to take them off again. More than an incredible pair of jeans, People's Liberation is a lifestyle. A freeing experience. And the inspired vision of apparel guru Daniel Guez.

You don't need to be a celeb to wear People's Liberation (although, in jeans like these, you may be mistaken for one). But you do need a free spirit, an individual sense of style, and a willingness to try on something new.

So go ahead. Liberate yourself. And look damn good while you're doing it.

Genetic Denim

Every individual holds a specific Genetic Code, body types differ as does fashion influences. Genetic Denim combines global fashion trends and individuality of fit and washes to tailor denim to your body. Known as the softest denim in the industry. Genetic is a denim brand that seeks to present each person with the best possible fit for their body type, accentuating assets rather than forcing everyone into the same mould. The core lineup includes the Recessive Gene, Dominant Gene and Mutated Gene all produced in a variety of washes including the softest denim in the denim market, the Genetic Denim Legging. With nostalgia for the bohemian yet basic denim styles from the 1970's, Genetic has created a line of life and timeless appeal. Genetic Denim pays homage to the centuries past while remaining modern with their edgy yet sophisticated and confident yet carefree silhouettes. There isn't one thing that sets Genetic Denim apart in the marketplace, there are many. Fashion forward style and underground cool mixed with fabrics, washes and cuts from around the world make Genetic Denim a classic global fashion brand with a touch of new age chic. Genetic Denim isn't only a fashion brand, it's a way of life, how to reflect your personality in your style while seamlessly fitting denim to your body in pure comfort, Genetic is the lifestyle brand of the 21st century.